REDF00Q's Medals


Total Medals Earned: 173 (From 45 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 2,345 Points

My Critter

Medals Earned: 3/6 (15/70 points)

Critter Food 5 Points

You fed your critter for the first time.

Critter Shower 5 Points

You washed your critter for the first time.

My First Critter 5 Points

You created your very own critter!

Book Smart! 5 Points

Read the Dev Blog

I'm Rich 25 Points

Accumulated at least $5,000

Reach Level 5 25 Points

Visiting daily to take of your critter helps!

Newgrounds Holiday Worm

Medals Earned: 1/4 (25/80 points)

Argh my eyes 25 Points

Viewed all the submissions in a single loop.

Look at all that talent! 5 Points

Who gives a damn about credits? You do!!!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Newgrounds Rumble

Medals Earned: 2/13 (10/320 points)

Hoarder Patrol 5 Points

Snag the first three powerups in a match before anyone else has a chance to.

People Pancakes 5 Points

Lure two or more opponents into the trash compactor during any battle in the Scrapyard.

C-C-Combo Breaker 10 Points

Parry three times in one jump.

Wile E. Ways 10 Points

Knock an opponent out of the ring three times in one match.

C-C-Combo Maker 25 Points

Deliver at least 80 damage in one aerial combo.

Diplomatically Challenged 25 Points

Complete all 12 challenges in Challenge Mode.

Meat Shield 25 Points

Trick an opponent into killing one of their own teammates with a projectile.

Survival Horror 25 Points

Survive at least 5 opponents in Survival Mode on OMFG difficulty.

Wall Street Brawler 25 Points

Bank over 5000 Grounds Gold.

The Eventuallyending Story 50 Points

Complete all 12 stories in Story Mode.

Transgressive Compulsive 100 Points

Earn 100% Game Completion.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Orange Roulette

Medals Earned: 1/8 (50/265 points)

Harmer's Market 50 Points

You Shot Your Opponent!

Fresh Squeeze 5 Points

You Survived Your First Encounter

Extra Pulp 10 Points

You Lived Through Round Two

Dark Harvest 25 Points

You Are Victorious, But At What Price?

Fruit Concentrate 25 Points

Three Down And Still Fresh

Luck Is An Illusion 50 Points

Get To The End On Your First Game

Overripe 50 Points

You Survived A Long Rally

You Would Have Never Known 50 Points

You Spun the Cylinder When You Would Have Been Shot

Pico's School Reunion

Medals Earned: 5/5 (215/215 points)

Not The Sharpest 50 Points

Unlock Darnell from his entrapment.

The Good Doctor 50 Points

Help Nene fix her leg.

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Road of the Dead 2

Medals Earned: 3/25 (75/1,000 points)

Blunt Force Trauma 25 Points

Kill 100 zombies with your vehicle

Gun Slinger 25 Points

Weaken a hood grappling zombie with 1 weapon, then quickly switch to another weapon to finish it off with one shot

Perfect Defense 25 Points

While stopped during a task, don't let a single zombie reach your vehicle's hood

F@#K Wheels! 5 Points

Drive 3 km with no wheels

Free Ride 5 Points

Complete story mode with atleast 1 rescued civilian still in your vehicle

Hydroficially Evolved 5 Points

Destroy a fire hydrant and use its water to extinguish your engine fire.

Been there, Killed that 10 Points

Kill one of each enemy type

Come with me if you want to live 10 Points

Rescue and secure a civilian

Death Race 10 Points

Maintain max speed for 0.5 km

Gibs n Gravy 10 Points

Splatter 50 zombies with your vehicle or guns

Ground Beef 10 Points

Remove a mutant side grapple by grinding it off on a rail/wall

Slip and Slide 10 Points

Don't hit anything after sliding through an oil slick

I'm the Alpha 25 Points

Kill an alpha mutant with a pistol

Knowledge is Survival 25 Points

Unlock the entire survival guide

Metal Dragon 25 Points

In rescue mode, don't let a single civilian die for 3 rounds in a row

Mutant Sandwich 25 Points

Survive 2 mutant side grappling both characters

Dead on Time 50 Points

Gain 1 minute bonus time in out of time mode

Heaven Sent 50 Points

Save 50 civilians in Rescue Op before failing

I've seen things... 50 Points

Reach max levels on at least one character

First Blood 100 Points

Reach 20 km in f.u.b.a.r.

Hardcore Survival 100 Points

Complete Hardcore Story mode

Into the Wild Blue Yonder 100 Points

Complete story mode

Mutant Stomp 100 Points

Reach 20 km in mutant meltdown

Perfect Soldiers 100 Points

Upgrade every perk, gun, and max level both characters

Zombie Slayer 100 Points

Reach 20 km in dead state

Shop Empire 3

Medals Earned: 1/13 (5/385 points)

contractor 5 Points

Build your first booth

nice team 5 Points

Hire all kind of staff

crowded 25 Points

Visited by 75 visitors

jackpot 25 Points

Earn 20.000 G profit in a day

lucky day 25 Points

Earn 10.000 G profit in a day

millionaire 25 Points

Have 1.000.000 G

rich man 25 Points

Have 500.000 G

ultra defense 25 Points

Catch total 100 thieves and saboteur cumulative

ultra famous 25 Points

Popularity reach 50%

mega defense 50 Points

Catch total 500 thieves and saboteur cumulative

mega famous 50 Points

Popularity reach 100%

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Sim Apocalypse

Medals Earned: 4/25 (20/500 points)

14 DAYS 5 Points

Survive 14 days in a row.

GOATS 5 Points

goat scenario

ICE AGE 5 Points

ice age scenario

ZOMBIES 5 Points

Zombie Scenario

3 MONTHS 5 Points

Survive 3 months total

ALIENS 5 Points

alien scenario

ANARCHY 5 Points

anarchy scenario

APES 5 Points

planet of the apes scenario

DEMONS 5 Points

demon scenario

DRAGONS 5 Points

dragon scenario


nazi zombie scenario

NUCULAR 5 Points

nuclear war

OBAMA 5 Points

magical island master


virus scenario


religion scenario

ROBOTS 5 Points

robot scenario

1 YEAR 10 Points

Survive 1 year total

28 DAYS 10 Points

Survive 28 days in a row.

3 YEARS 25 Points

Survive 3 years total

50 DAYS 25 Points

Survive 50 days in a row.

100 DAYS 50 Points

Survive 100 days in a row.

100,000 50 Points

Get 100,000 points.

5 YEARS 50 Points

Survive 5 years total

10 YEARS 100 Points

Survive 10 years total

150 DAYS 100 Points

Survive 150 days in a row.

Super Space Jump Man

Medals Earned: 2/24 (10/500 points)

Level 1 5 Points

Complete level 1

Level 2 5 Points

Complete level 2

Level 3 5 Points

Complete level 3

Level 4 5 Points

Complete level 4

Level 5 5 Points

Complete level 5

Level 6 5 Points

Complete level 6

Level 7 5 Points

Complete level 7

Level 10 10 Points

Complete level 10

Level 11 10 Points

Complete level 11

Level 12 10 Points

Complete level 12

Level 13 10 Points

Complete level 13

Level 14 10 Points

Complete level 14

Level 15 10 Points

Complete level 15

Level 16 10 Points

Complete level 16

Level 8 10 Points

Complete level 8

Level 9 10 Points

Complete level 9

Level 17 25 Points

Complete level 17

Level 18 25 Points

Complete level 18

Level 19 25 Points

Complete level 19

21 50 Points

Complete level 21

Level 20 50 Points

Complete level 20

Level 22 50 Points

Complete level 22

Level 23 50 Points

Complete level 23

Level 24 100 Points

Complete level 24

The Escaper

Medals Earned: 2/6 (10/30 points)

Loser 5 Points

Died on the game

Play The Game 5 Points


Construction 5 Points

The Game Is Under construction!

Game Developer 5 Points

Meet The Game Developer

Level 1 Complete 5 Points

Nice one

Level 2 Complete 5 Points

Nice 2